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Minas Tourist Attractions

Parque Salus

This park has a large forest, with suitable places for picnics. From the Puma water spring, in the middle of a well-cared native forest, enriched with other tree species, the mineral water flows from its nascent high on the hill. In the same Park, the Salus Inn provides lodging and gastronomic services and the Country Restaurant offers local food, fast food for groups of tourists, kids games and horse-riding tours.

Parque salus minas
Cerro Arequita

This volcanic origin elevation with 230 mts height, presents a large cave, that is the main attraction for travelers. There is a Restaurant and Inn “Mirador” offering a guided tour to the cave and the possibility of climbing to the top of the hill. It is surrounded by a native forest and on the hill side there is the so-called Ombu Island. Close to it, on the banks of the Santa Lucía River, the Municipal Camping has capacity for 3000 people to stay, with bungalows and a wonderful infrastructure.

cerro arequita lavalleja
Parque de Vacaciones UTE - ANTEL

Located at km 147 of Route 12, the UTE-ANTEL Vacation Park Foundation is undoubtedly a tourism classic at national level since its inauguration in the year 1947. It counts with 479 green hectares, 250 of them with autochthonous and exotic plants, including a beach resort on the banks of a small river and spectacular observatories. It counts with a large hotel with capacity to host 700 people and different services for the entertainment of tourists of all ages.

parque ute antel
Solís de Mataojo
At km 79 of route 8, Solís de Mataojo is located east from the Solís Grande river, receiving and opening the doors to the Providence of Lavalleja.
You can breathe Fabini's culture as well as nature from this point because the famous hills of the province starts calling you to reach them.
Solis de mataojo
Salto del Penitente

At km 125 of route 8 we find the road that takes us to a waterfall more tan 50 meters high, surrounded by a wild but peaceful and beautiful environment. The crystal water-fall is spectacular, it ends in a natural pool with stones in the bottom and is suitable for bathing. There is currently a Restaurant in the Penitente Park offering different services such as gastronomy, a camping area, horse-riding, a greenhouse, bathing area and toilets.

salto del penitente
Villa Serrana

It was projected and built in 1945 by Architect Julio Vilamajó, as a resting village with an European Style and built with surroundings materials. The emblematic “Ventorrillo de la Buena Vista”, a symbol of the place, the water dam, ideal for finishing, and the paths drawn in the middle of the nature, are a part of this dreaming place, counting also with a first class gastronomic and hotel infrastructure.

Villa Serrana Minas